Monday, August 11, 2008

What To Do With All The Wedding Photos?

One great thing about our photographer is that included in her price are all the negatives from pictures she takes, and she also scans the negatives to create digital copies of the pictures. It's the best of both worlds. Also by having your negatives you don't have to go back to your photographer to buy prints or have albums made, which is how a lot of photographers make money. If negatives are not included in your photo package some photographers will charge you up to $1000 more if you want them. As you can see a "bargain" photographer can get expensive very quickly.

So you've got all these pictures, and what do you do with them? I really like the idea of creating your own large format coffee table book. One of the companies I am considering is They have been recommended by many of the brides on and they have reasonable pricing. I just ordered a book from them this week and am very excited to see what the end result will look like.

I have not discarded the possibility of ordering one albums offered by SkyeBlu photography though. I got to see a sampling of them during our meeting with Danielle and was really impressed by the quality, beauty, and uniqueness of some of the albums we saw. One in particular was really nice and had a stainless steel cover and really thick pages, like you would find in a children's boardbook. The great thing is that all of these choices are still a long way off, so let's see how much money we end up spending before we make plans to spend more!

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IndyBride said...

Did you get your blurb book?? How did it turn out???? Show us pics!!!

I'm not being demanding am I??? DisBrides are allowed to be and your PJ has shown me so can DisGrooms!!