Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Another Good Wedding Read

"Bridal Bargains" came highly recommended by one of the brides on the Disboards. It has a lot of really great tips on saving money on everything from dealing with caterers, florist, ceremony, reception sites and almost anything wedding related you can think of.

One of my favorite lines in the book is "this book will not teach you how to make your own wedding dress or cater your own wedding." This book has just really great advice on getting the most for your money and being sensible, not cheap, but just not getting caught up in the madness that is wedding industry juggernaut.

Mostly this book makes me happy that I don't have to buy a wedding dress. I always knew bridal shops were a racket, but I discovered scams that I never would have thought possible. It really is despicable.

At this point I am looking for things to occupy my time until the wedding, so blogging and reading wedding books are great ways to keep from driving my friends and family crazy, though my mom has been way cool and eager to lend an ear and opinion,

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