Monday, August 4, 2008

Disneyland Wedding Information

For anyone out there that thinks a Disneyland or Walt Disney World Wedding might be for them, the best place to start is the Disney Fairy Tale Weddings Website. I think I have poured over every single page on this website enough to be able to rebuild the website if need be.

The website is great and shows you some general options, but is definitely lacking in the arena of specifics. My first question was: How much will it cost? For specifics you have to call the Disney people and sometimes it can take a few days to get a hold of them (this is according to other people, in my experience I've never had any trouble getting through to them).

A great source of more specific information is This woman has put together a wonderful resource for anyone trying to plan a Disney Fairy Tale Wedding. One work of warning from the webmaster herself, she does not work for Disney, and the prices she gives might not be up to date.

A Disney wedding is not for everyone, but it's also a class act all the way. Just because you get married at Disney, it doesn't mean you get a Mickey Mouse wedding, unless that's what you really want.

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