Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Flag of Equal Marriage

I found this through a link on the Disboards and thought it was a novel idea (borrowed from the suffragettes). The Flag of Equal Marriage only has two stars, for the two states that recognize the validity of our unions.

I hope someday we all look back and think this controversy was pretty stupid and that the people who are out there fighting against this feel pretty stupid about their actions. When Black people were given equal rights lots of people said, "Well this is different than when we let women have equal rights. It's a biological fact that colored people are inferior."

In a similar fashion a lot of people say , "allowing gay marriage is different than allowing interracial marriage." Well, it's not different, it's never been different, you're just looking for ways to justify your fear of change.

This concludes my rant for the week and we join your regularly scheduled program already in progress.

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Sandra said...

Ever since I knew what civil right were, I've felt gay marriage was a civil rights issue, and that Constitutional rights were being violated when denying people the ability to choose whom they want to marry.