Sunday, August 3, 2008

Gay Wedding Resource from the LA Gay and Lesbian Center

The LA Gay and Lesbian Center has put together a website that's filled with really useful information for gay and lesbian couples planning to get married. The LA Gay Wedding Guide has vendors, information, and really great section with legal answers to some questions that come up often.

The vendor recommendation areas are still a little sparse, but honestly sometimes when you are planning a wedding less choices can make the entire process a little less stressful. Have you ever gone to a restaurant and they bring out a five page menu and you have no idea what you want?

This is a great place to begin some wedding planning, but seeming as there is no large gay wedding industry yet gay people are still on their own when it comes to lots of things. I find it much easier to plan because of this though, because there aren't new vendors popping up every day saying "you need this to make your day perfect." The fact is you don't need anything to make your day perfect except for your betrothed, and maybe a delicious cake.

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