Friday, August 29, 2008

Do We Really Need This?

The answer to that question when asked in relation to any wedding related purchase of course is "no." I know all we really need to get married is each other and an officiant.

But then once in a while you come across something, and you think to yourself, oh it's only $_.00.

Like toasting flutes. I saw really nice toasting flutes with Mickey Mouse in a tuxedo, and I thought it would be nice to get a pair of those and have them engraved.

The thing is the other day when we were filling out our questionnaire one question asked, will you be providing a cake cutter or would you like to borrow the venue's, and I thought to myself it was silly to spend money on a knife that we would use to slice one piece of cake and then stick in a drawer, so I said definitely borrow. Then it asked the same question about toasting flutes and I thought it would be nice to have our own.

For all the times we sit around drinking sparkling wine?

Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in all the wedding madness and be reasonable. Reasonably no one will remember what we drank out of, and I do suppose every little bit adds up. Still, I could just start drinking a lot more sparkling wine . . .


indybride said...

Hey about the cake cutter- make sure it's not super fugly because there will be many a pics taken with you two cutting into the cake.

Tracy said...

My fiance and I are getting married at the Disneyland hotel on November 13th. We signed up for the rose court garden, sleeping beauty pavillion duo, the reception to be held on the never lawn. My dream wedding just turned into a nightmare wedding. The neverlawn pre reception has been moved to the dreams lawn because of construction. The beautiful windows in the pavillion have been frosted over and blocked because of construction. The waterfalls were all us deweyed couples take their wedding photos is now no more, blocked of by..... construction. What are you doing about your wedding? I'm so lost now, I don't know what to think anymore.

Tracy said...

...and had I looked at the year instead of just the date I would have seen that you had your wedding two years ago. Congrats. :)