Monday, August 31, 2009

Check Us Out

Check us out today over on A Practical Wedding. One of my favorite blogs! I would tell you more about it, but I think the title sums it up pretty well.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wedding Recaps Part 1

The wedding was amazing. It was a day filled with fun and love all around. I think most of the guests had a really good time, and that was what I wanted more than anything.

The amazing photographs come from our photographer Danielle at Skye Blu Photography. I can't say enough good things about the work they did.

The amazing flowers are courtesy of Bobbe Vagell. I fell in love with his work the moment I saw his work, and while I don't think you would think it was cheap, the amount that we got for the money we spent was a deal. He takes great pride in his work and he set the whimsical bright tone we wanted for the day.

Our videographer was Maria Abarca. I will post a copy at the end of the recaps. She was so easy to work with, and had the greatest Disposition. I hired her to do a shoot only package and then edited the video myself. Did I do as good a job as she would have done? Definitely not. But I did enjoy the project. If you have the knowledge to do this sort of thing it's a great way to save a little cash.

Our wonderful officiant was the Rev. Yves Edmond. She worked with us extensively to plan a ceremony that was uniquely us.

so without further ado:

The Story
Our day started in the Grand Californian hotel. We were supposed to be at the Disneyland hotel, but they lost our reservation for the first night of our stay, doh! Fortunately the Grand Californian is very close by, and they made it up to us, more on that later.

Our ceremony wasn't until 11 so we had time to have breakfast burritos from White Water Snacks, which totally rocked. I don't know how women can go their entire wedding day without eating anything, I was starving all day long, and took every chance I could get to put food in my mouth.

I started the morning wearing my fancy tuxedo shirt. Why couldn't I get married in that?

I was also wearing my happy pink hippo shoes and shorts. Note the cool Mickey Mouse socks.

Fine, I'll wear the real thing.

These were our boutonnieres. Our florist totally outdid himself. We told him we wanted bright and whimsical, and he delivered.

The best thing about being two guys getting married is being able to spend the morning getting ready together.

It's nice to have someone help you make sure your tie looks good.

Some of the colors that are coming your way. We wanted everything to be bright and cheery and spring like.

We even wore shoes. This was definitely going to be a fancy pardy.

After we got ready we took a walk to the ladies dressing room. I love this shot of us walking over there.

They were in the Dreams Tower. I just like this photo.

This is my sister and my niece.

My niece examines the pomander she will be carrying down the aisle. She was very fond of it, since she is very fond of Mickey.

This is my best friend. She killed a small animal and then asked the hairdresser to put it on her head.

Looks good, right?

Our photographer had to help us with our boutonnieres, since she is a pro at this sort of thing, and no one had worn one since prom.

I should wear make-up every day! If it weren't so much darned work I might.

Our ceremony site, the Disneyland Hotel Rose Court Garden.

From the side.

These were the ceremony decorations. I told the florist to keep it simple, and this is what he came up with. They were awesome.

That wraps it up for now, next we'll move on to the ceremony!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Our Professional Pictures Came In

Which means there are wedding day memories coming your way. Just as soon as I can get a grasp on organizing 1187 pictures.