Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Gay Wedding Cards from Hallmark

I know this is old news and many of you have probably heard it by now, I know I read the press release a few days ago. I guess I just hadn't considered it newsworthy until after getting a homo perspective from people in other parts of the country.

Being from Los Angeles I suppose I just take a lot of things for granted. Like all the small greeting card and gift boutique-type stores that carry all sorts of quirky (and in my opinion sometimes overpriced) cards. There are many neighborhoods that while not primarily gay in this city are gay friendly, and many of the businesses in this neighborhood cater to all the different types of people we have in this city.

So I suppose if you want a greeting card in some parts of this country you have to go to Hallmark or Walgreen's, and they don't really have recycled-organic unbleached papyrus cards hand-crafted by one-eyed monks. Even I admit that sometimes this city exists in some sort of parallel universe.

While most people I have talked to about this are excited, I still haven't decided whether Hallmark is to be commended for forward thinking, or if they are just out to make a few more bucks. Either way I suppose more options can only be a good thing.

Even then I am not convinced that the card above is necessarily a gay card. It could just happen to be a card with a picture of two men in tuxedos, that happen to be holding hands. Maybe they're just good friends? Yes, that must be it, good friends.


Sandra said...

All corporations, no matter how benign, are always out to make a few more bucks. Still, they could have risked the business of some of their more conservative customers, so they still deserve some recognition.

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