Friday, August 22, 2008

Making Your Own Pocket Invitations

I first saw these folders with pockets on the side on an excursion to Paper Source, one of my favorite (if not slightly overpriced) craft stores. It really bothered me when I was in the store that I could not buy just a few pieces of the things that I wanted as a sample. The only way was to buy everything in packs of 10.

Fortunately a bride-to-be suggested that I check out the pocket cards at Their selection of different types of cards was not as vast as Paper Source (and that's not necessarily a bad thing, I subscribe to the philosophy that sometimes too many choices are a bad thing). One of the greatest things about cards and pockets was that I was able to buy a sample pack from them that included everything I needed to create a sample invitation. The sample I ordered arrived quickly and so did my final order.

We are going to be using the Signature size pocket folders in clover. The invitation matte will be in watermelon. We are printing up the center invitation part ourselves using a laserjet printer and using off-white linen cardstock. Cards and pockets also sells the insert cards, but I will be cutting them out myself using the same paper as the invitation page. I am cutting colored cardstock to mount the inserts on.

This is a mock-up of our invites. I will post pictures of the final when we get around to making them. The blue strip on the outside will be blue ribbon that we will use to tie the cards shut, and we will probably not be using any ornamentation on the outside. I'll post pictures of the invitation party I'm planning to throw to trick.... er.... ask my friends to help me assemble these.

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