Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Finding the Right Balance of Traditions

This weekend we sat down to fill out the questionnaire the Disney people sent us. Some of the questions were simple, some took a little discussion (I managed to give the future husband a tension headache, yay!)

It made us think about things we had discussed before, but not at length. Things like walking down the aisle, and wedding parties. We decided the best approach for us would be to walk down the aisle together, since this whole concept of being "given away" didn't really work for us. Not to say traditions are wrong just because they don't apply to us, I just feel like the whole scene plays out like this:

"I am a father and this is my daughter, I own her and now I am giving her away to you, so now you own her. Am I glad to get rid of her, she may not look like much but girl can eat. Thanks for taking her off my hands, I'll throw in this goat to sweeten the deal."

Overall I think we are managing to make decisions that are right for us. Some things take us a little while longer, and a big part of that is that we are very different people. On the other hand if I were marrying someone just like me we would probably end up like Thelma and Louise, flying off a cliff in a classic car, which is a lot of fun, until you land.

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indybride said...

HaHa!! I love your interpretation of "giving" the bride away!! And, I agree it's an old tradition!! I'd walk down the asile my self if it were up to me. But I really like the idea of you two walking down the asile together.