Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wedding Flowers From Costco?

This is a little tidbit I read about in that Bridal Bargains book, but also something I noticed on one of my weekly Costco trips. does wedding flowers. You can buy all sorts of kooky things at, like caskets and urns. Fortunately we are not in need in need of either at this point and our focus is wedding flowers.

Another option I am considering for wedding flowers is a direct seller like Grower's Box. I really like their selections. You can buy flowers in bulk and arrange them yourself, or have a friend do them for you. I already had a friend that has taken a few flower arranging classes volunteer to do it.

I am going to risk angering the wedding gods here and go out on a limb and say maybe the flowers aren't that important. I still really like the idea of our tall centerpieces with the lanterns.

But if not having these saves us 1k to 2k, then isn't that worth considering? People would think they are really cool, but in the end aren't they really there to be there, and take advantage of the open bar?

The controversy continues, but either way we will make a decision, hopefully soon.


IndyBride said...

Flowers are so overated at weddings!! you only remember them if they were AWFUL!!! I know this because there is only one wedding where I remember the centerpieces. And they sucked! Plus, Disney charges RIDICULOUS fees. But, I'm not about to order them from somewhere else and clean them up myself after a few martoonis and wedding cake!

Luis said...

I'm used to people taking centerpieces with them, is this nut the norm?

indybride said...

I do know that they often do raffles for people to take them with them. Perhaps I have never stayed at a wedding long enough!!I eat, drink, dance and flee!!!