Thursday, August 14, 2008

Paper Tape Wedding Videos

Well it's one in the morning here and I'm having a little trouble sleeping. It might be because I had a cup of coffee after dinner, or it might be because it's warm so my window is open but there is lightning in the distance (I'm definitely not used to it so it's very distracting). Either way I though this would be a good time to get some thoughts down and maybe that would make me sleepy.

I'm actually a little upset at our photographer for showing me this. I was, and still for the most part am, not in favor of wedding videos. I've just never liked them. They always feel cheesy and forced to me, like I can see the parts where the cameraman says "ok, everyone make a goofy face!"

Then she sent me a link to Paper Tape Films and my opinion changed. They shoot all their video on Super 8 film, so your wedding looks like the opening credits to "The Wonder Years." They do an edit job, throw some music over the footage and make you an awesome wedding video. Then you get a dvd of your movie and all of your footage on one of those big archival reels, yours to keep forever and probably not watch too often because who has the tools to play that stuff anymore?

The only problem is they cost a little more than your typical wedding videographer. Their usual minimum is four hours, but since we are getting married on a holiday weekend their minimum is six hours. So that all adds up to a video that's a little pricey, but I think this is a case where you definitely get what you pay for.

We went with a photographer that was more expensive than a lot of other photographers out there because we figured it was the way to go if we were going to skip video. That's definitely not a decision I regret because I am looking forward to having some great pictures of our big day. Who knows, maybe we'll find somewhere in the budget to make some cuts. Do people usually expect to be fed at a reception?

Well now that I've got some thoughts down in kilobytes I think I will try to get some sleep. I will not surf onto any wedding websites. I will close this laptop right now and close my eyes. Ok, maybe just one quick peek . . .


Anonymous said...

ha! I felt the exact same way until I came across Super 8 filmographers, too. In my case, I'm thinking of using their DIY package, or trying to find a local film student.

Luis said...

Love them! Sending them an e-mail, thank for the tip!