Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Real Gay Wedding in Purple

Usually when you ask me about colors I don't like, purple is usually the first thing out of my mouth. Not that I have anything against purple specifically, it's a lovely color, just not my first choice for something to wear large amounts of. Maybe it dates back to being young and at some point being forced to wear a purple shirt by my mother and sort of remembering feeling like a pudgy little grape.

Then when e-mailing a florist about my ideas and asking where here inspiration might lead her she said she was thinking touches of purple.

Purple? Really?

Then I came across these pictures on Gay Weddings by The Knot and the idea started to grow on me. I think I am liking the idea of purple accents. Gray jackets with purple ties, love it. There will be lots of green at our wedding since that is currently one of my favorite colors, and the purple I think would tie in really well.

I am meeting with the florist today! We'll see how this whole purple thing may work out for us.


joel said...

purple, the pink which was the new black...oy! i like the contrast of the purple with the gray but wtf are they wearing for shoes. jeez

Val said...

Oh I love the color purple. And the do look great with those suits. Hmmm... shall I force DF to wear purple???

Silvia said...

I recently started thinking about adding purple to our color scheme,we already have green. The purple and green combo look amazing together!