Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tell Your Girlfriend You Want a Domestic Partnership?

Loved this from Father Geoff Farrow's blog and had to repost it. If you are not reading his blog, you must! Go now, I'll hold your corndog.

Someone recently asked me: "Domestic partnerships are almost the same as marriage, why the need for marriage?"

Under California State law, a heterosexual couple may also enter into a Domestic Partnership. So, try this: Inform your girlfriend that you've decided you'd like to enter into a Domestic Partnership with her, instead of marriage. I am certain that she will be able to explain the HUGE difference between the two realities in a far more forceful and colorful way than, I would ever be able to accomplish.

Just one friendly word of advice from someone who used to play hockey in High School, you should put on an athletic supporter with a protective cup before having the aforementioned conversation with your girlfriend.


christina said...

so good! thanks for re-posting!

Adam said...

LOL @ ask your girlfriend!

That really puts things in perspective. I love it...