Monday, October 13, 2008

I Am Ever So Pissed

While checking up on the blog this afternoon I was really upset to see that the Yes on 8 people had set up residence in the adspace on my blog! I was so upset that I immediately got rid of all the google adsense ads and buzzlogic as well.

I am so mad that these people would post their ads here. Especially since the buzzwords I chose were gay weddings and gay wedding planning, so they knew exactly where their ads would end up. The only reason I had installed the adsense ads was because I have a sneaking suspicion that they help with coming up higher in Google searches, there is no way I was going to get rich off of adsense.

I was so upset I wanted to contact Google and let them know what was going on, but they make that surprisingly difficult.

So consider this an ad free zone! (unless I at some point decide to give up space to sponsors chosen by yours truly personally)


Simon said...

Hi Luis,

My name is Simon Mak, and I am the Community Manager at BuzzLogic.

I definitely understand your frustration and dismay in seeing ads in support of Proposition 8 appear on your site, especially when your had blogged against this very piece of legislation on multiple occasions. I can assure you that these ads did not originate from the BuzzLogic Network -- we do not serve remnant advertising, and we would only pair your blog with premium advertisers whose products would resonate with your content and readership. The entire team at BuzzLogic is committed to offering better solutions for poor ad placement on the blogosphere.

Luis - we'd love to continue to work with you if and when you decide to feature ads again on your blog. Please contact me at community (at) if you have any questions at all!

community (at)

Luis said...

Thanks for the clarification Simon, I think for now I am happy to go with the ad-free route.

(bride.) said...

That is a major bummer. Good choice... it would have made me feel dirty to see that, too.