Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Damn You Economy, Straighten Up!

I hate to be a downer this week, and I know everyone is talking about this, but this has really been on my mind lately.

When we first got engaged economic times were beginning to look a little bad. Things weren't going great and we heard the beginning grumblings of foreclosures and bad loans, but we thought we were in for a little recession.

Now it feels like things are going to get really bad, and it makes me think maybe we shouldn't be blowing all this money on a wedding. I feel like my job is fairly safe and stable, our organization has been growing for a while, but now all this talk of people losing jobs has me worried too.

In turn I find myself spending virtually no money on unnecessary things. We eat out once a week, tops (this is LA, and given how much we used to eat out, this is a big change).

So far our plans are pretty much staying the same. The only thing I am thinking of changing is that since we haven't booked a videographer we might not just get one. I wasn't too keen on the idea to begin with and the one's I love are going to set us back more money than I want to spend right now.

Anyone else changing their habits or plans out of fear? (I hate acting out of fear, but right now it really is the most prudent thing).

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val said...

This economy grumblings do make it scary. But keep in mind the media is always putting fear in people. I think you are doing a great job not going crazy with everything. You take time to find the best value for the quality you want. What more can you ask for?? And if you do have to end up cutting things the fact that you are having a DL wedding is really what matters!!!