Wednesday, October 22, 2008

This Is How I Feel

Article about how the Prop 8 campaign is heating up from the San Jose Mercury News. This paragraph really captured how I feel right now.

For many gay and lesbian people, the rhetoric of television ads and even the everyday things people say during a political campaign like Proposition 8 can carry a heavy emotional toll as normally buried feelings of prejudice are revealed, a group of researchers in San Francisco said Tuesday while releasing the results of two national surveys. Many gay and lesbian people are feeling stress, depression and alienation as the campaign intensifies.

I see the Yes on 8 signs about and even though it's not in my usual nature I want to rip them out of the ground and tear them up. I feel like every single one is a personal attack, though the rational part of me knows not all of them are.


christina said...

that's crazy...i just did a post about how i've been having sleepless nights worrying about what will happen if prop 8 passes--and i'm NOT a pessimist. but it's so hard not to take this all personally.

val said...

I was driving around my neighborhood from work yesterday and I wanted to pull all the yes for marriage signs out of everyone's yards. I think it's prop 101 or something in AZ. If it fails nothing changes if it passes it changes the AZ constitution to add a defin. of marriage between a man and a woman. I wanted to collect them all and burn them in the desert near my house!