Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fighting Back Against the Lies

It has been so thoroughly depressing watching the ads being put out there by the yes on 8 people. I'm glad to see we are fighting back!

It really makes me angry how much money the Mormon church is throwing against us.

Momons, seriously?

Didn't you guys used to have a lot of wives? Weren't you once cruelly persecuted? This is the best use you can find for that money?

So now I have to spend money to fight this proposition. These ads aren't cheap to run people! Make a contribution at No on Prop 8.


Journal of a ____ said...

Hi Luis -

Thanks for your comment. Oh, how I miss Los Angeles. I lived there for about 4 years before moving to the Northeast. I hope to move back west soon!

Down with Prop 8. It makes me ill.

Luis said...

I hope you move back west soon too, mostly because I pity anyone who has to endure that cold weather. I don't think I could manage. Hope you have a great time at your soon-to-be wedding.