Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday Weigh-In #4

Well I managed to lose another two pounds this week, so yay me! My goal is inching ever closer, like a turtle crawling over large pieces of pumpkin pie. I kind of cheated myself on gym going this week though, I only went twice, but it has been a crazy week.

This weekend I am off to LoveFest in San Francisco, and it is going to kick ass! I know San Fran is going to be bad for the waistline what with visits to Ghirardelli Square and the such, but hopefully I will be doing enough dancing and walking to burn those calories off!

I had a great meeting with a florist last night, but to be more precise she'd probably be more of a floral designer or floral artist even. Will post all about it when I get back, ciao.

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