Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Another Reason Only Marriage Will Do

Christina over at Steady Happy posted this and I am borrowing a piece of it because I think it clearly illustrates a large reason marriage is so important to us.

the last time i got the welcome packet, patty & i were merely domestic partners. i tried to add her to my health care benefits. here's what we had to provide:
- our certificate of domestic partnership
- proof that we have a shared bank account for at least one year
- proof that we share some sort of living arrangement (a lease or mortgage that is signed by BOTH of us)
- an affidavit that all the above is true that has been notarized

when i tried to add her, we didn't have the joint lease (patty was on it but i wasn't) so i couldn't add her to my health care. this time, now that we are MARRIED, here's what i had to provide:
- a marriage license

that's it. nothing else. just one copy. we didn't have to prove anything. so i made the copy & sent it off in the mail. done.

please don't tell me that domestic partners and marriage are the same.

People have had to try and argue with ambulance drivers over what a domestic partner is because they wouldn't let them get into the ambulance with their spouse. No one has to explain what the term husband or wife means.

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christina said...

thanks for re-posting, luis. it makes me so crazy when the mormons, who are donating so much money to something that doesn't even affect them directly say things like "gays deserve the same rights as everyone else, just not the word 'marriage'." so infuriating! we have the same rights NOW, but they are trying desperately to take those rights away.

i know, i'm preaching to the choir, but it's so intense!!