Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Off-Topic Post and Movie Review

I know it's not at all related to anything wedding-like, but I'm home sick and bored and I'll blog if I want to. So I just watched this movie called Eagle vs. Shark and I just don't get what the attraction is. I mean when all was said and done it was a cute-ish movie with some sort of love the one you're with message, ,but what is up with these characters?

It started with Napoleon Dynamite I think. I may be the only soon to be 30 year old that did not think that was the least bit funny. I mean are all the main characters supposed to be mentally challenged? Doesn't that make it politically incorrect to laugh at them?

So in Eagle vs. Shark these two characters who may have stepped out of Napoleon Dynamite fall in love, and it's all supposed to be very indie with weird clothes, and look all our music is acoustic again and it doesn't even need to be sung in a consistent key.

That was my rant for the day. Sorry for the negative tone. I think this congestion and cabin fever are doing bad things to my attitude.

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