Monday, September 29, 2008

Yes on Prop 8 Campaign Airs first Ad

The people at Protect Marriage started airing the first ad urging people to vote yes on 8.

This is so utterly depressing. I wish this wasn't so disheartening and frightening, but it is, because I know how effective these fear campaigns can be.

The ideas set forth that "activist" judges somehow undid the will of the people is ridiculous. The real irony is that the Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court is very conservative and was appointed by Ronald Reagan, and he was part of the majority.

Using people's kids to frighten them is just low and stupid. I can't remember ever being forced to learn about marriage when I was in school. And the idea that people will be sued for their personal beliefs is ridiculous.

A doctor who refuses to perform abortions for ethical reasons cannot be sued for not performing an abortion, because he doesn't do them at all. A doctor who performs artificial insemination on a regular basis for women but refuses to do it for a lesbian can be sued for discrimination because he refuses to perform a procedure that he does normally do for other people (and he was sued, and he lost, and it was right that he did).

I know this is going to frighten a lot of people, and I post it because I think it's so important for fair-minded people to know the arguments that are being used, recognize them as lies and fear-mongering, and go out and spread the truth.

Sometimes I wish this was all less political and more strictly wedding related, but the fact is that gay weddings are political. Whenever I walk down the street holding hands with my partner, that's a political statement, and it will continue to be a political statement until the day we don't have to fight for equal rights and protection under the law.


N said...

Thank you for this post. It is, indeed, frightening. They've done a clever job of blurring the issue so that people can comfortably vilify the so-called activist judges and deny that this has everything to do with denying equal rights to a class of people. I too sometimes wished that I could ignore the politics when planning my wedding to my wife and just focus on the love, but like you said, that's not possible.

Luis said...

Congratulations on your recent nuptials!

christina said...

first of all, just found your blog & it's great! i love it. secondly, thanks for the post. we recently got married--we were planning it anyway before the supreme court ruling--and realize that no matter what, we are married despite the laws. however, let's hope that our lovely state of california will be progressive enough to recognize rights for ALL.

val said...

That ad is frightening. I hope that California keeps everyone marriage and the rest of the country follows suit. I live in AZ a HUGE republican state so I don't have high hopes it will happen here soon. They have a proposition to define marriage as being male and female. I thought Clinton did that nonesense... why does AZ need it too?? Ridonkulous!!!