Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Gay Weddings From The Knot

A few days ago Meg over at a A Practical Wedding wrote a lists of some of the things she did and did not like about weddings. Under the dislikes she mentioned new Gay Weddings by the Knot.

For those of you unfamiliar the Knot is the Wal-Mart of the online wedding community. Sort of a one-stop shop for anything you may need to know or buy for your wedding (and also like Wal-Mart considered by many to be evil and a symbol of all that is wrong with everything, I have no opinion on that front).

Anyway, Meg's gripe was that the gay knot is it's own independent website, instead of just being introduced as part of the regular knot website, a sort of separate but equal mentality. This aspect of it did not really bother me as much as her.

I think what did bother me is this sort of idea that the wedding industry might just be looking at us as great big walking bags of cash, inconspicuously marked with a giant "$". I feel like there's all these people out there saying, "Let's legalize gay marriage because it's a way for me to make more money."

On the other hand, I know this is America, and if you want to get people to do something you have to relate it to money. Which is why fines are such an efficient way of enforcing the law. If the prospect of being able to make money from me and my brethren is going to encourage you to fight for gay marriage, I feel like we are at a point in the battle where we need all the help we can get and can't really be too choosy about philosophies.

Are there any hockey-moms for gay marriage out there?

What do I like about the site? Being able to see pictures of what other people are doing with their weddings that I can relate to. Hearing stories from people going through some of the problems we're going through. A lot of these issues are faced by all soon to be married couples, but there are some issues particular to gays and lesbians.

For these reasons I don't think it's necessarily terrible for the website to be separate from the main site. I didn't like the knot because I found it to be very unhelpful. There was just too much information and advertising to be able to find the substance I needed.

I am not even in love with the Gay knot. To date the best resource I have found to navigate the madness of this industry are the blogs written by soon to be married people, so much so that they inspired me to do this myself and hopefully help others sort through all the static out there in wedding land.

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Jeff said...

Ah, I didn't even know that The Knot had a separate gay site. I've always just browsed the gay section and boards on their main site:

Anyway, you're totally right: I'm finding that wedding blogs make for better real-life situation reading. My partner are vaguely starting to think about a wedding for next fall 2009.

Found your blog from Mice Chat, by the way! We're not considering a Disney wedding, but it's fun to read about. :) Cheers.