Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Getting Hot Hurts

It's been a few days and for that I apologize, there have been many goings-on this week. The most important of which is that I have decided to get myself in (good) shape (because while round might be a shape, it's not the shape I want to be).

I know I shouldn't necessarily focus on looking good for one day in my life , and should strive to be healthy all the time. The truth is I was was a chubby kid, who grew into a chubby college student that finally decided to do something about it.

The past few years have been a big up and down thing with the weight, but I'm hoping this time the good habits stick! As a bonus, come wedding day I want people who haven't seen me in a while to say, "wow, he looks good."

As I am typing this my fingertips are probably the only parts of my body that aren't sore. My quads are killing me. But in the end it will all pay off. I usually go through short periods of time when I fall off the exercise wagon, and I get right back on, and the first week is always painful.

I will keep the readership abreast of my weekly weigh-ins, and though I know I probably won't look like the picture above, I know I will look damn good on my wedding day because I'll be wearing a whole lot of happy.

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