Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Rob and Scott's Wedding

Remember when this was a wedding blog and everything was new and exiting and oh so optimistic? Then all the nastiness with Prop 8 started and the focus shifted.

Well it's time to shift the focus back! While it just happens that this blog will be more political than it was once intended to be, I will not lose focus that this was also started as a way to celebrate love, commitment, and joy. Not just mine, but that of other lgbtq folks and those that stand with us in the fight for equality.

So without further ado, Rob has graciously allowed me to feature his very recent Walt Disney World wedding with all of you. Rob and Scott had their ceremony at the Adventurer's Club in Pleasure Island, followed by a reception at the Atlantic Dance Hall.

On a sad note, the Adventurer's Club closed to the public forever the night before Rob and Scott's wedding. They were not aware this was going to be the case when they booked the venue, which was chosen for it's significance to them. It's the place where Rob and Scott had their first date. They were friends with the performers at the club as well as regulars, so having a wedding as well as a farewell to such a special place made the occasion bittersweet.

Still they managed to have a wonderful wedding, a ceremony that was completely unique to them, a gorgeous cake and a wonderful reception. All photos are from the very talented Randy Chapman. If you would like to spend days reading a very detailed and often hilarious planning journal you can do so here.

Congratulations Rob and Scott!

Even with the passing anti-gay legislation across the country we are showing the world we don't need the government to bless our marriages. We will still gather our friends and families, and vow our unending love and devotion to our soulmates. We will make a promise to take care of each other before our witnesses. They might be able to legislate the legal for now, but they will never legislate the spiritual.


christina said...

so funny! we are on the same wavelength! i posted another wedding on my blog today too! need a break from the prop 8 posts!

what a fun wedding!!

A Print A Day said...

this is such a beautiful post, i teared up a bit :)

Sweet T said...

wow, probably my favorite Disney wedding pics yet. really love the feel of the venues. I never made it to Pleasure Island and I wasn't living in Florida by the time I turned 21. Oh, the sadness!

Question- do you have any good pics of people that have gotten married at EPCOT? It's my favorite park evah and I don't think I've ever seen a wedding there besides one at the China pavilion...

Luis said...

These are some of my favorite Disney World wedding pix yet:

Kari got married in Morocco in Epcot, and her pix are gorgeous.

val said...

I love the picture where rob is pulling scott's tie! I hope he doesn't mind that I steal it from him! I never noticed it before!