Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I Will Not Call Them STD's

Our Save the Date's went out last week, which was totally exciting. It snapped me back into wedding planning mode, and it made the whole thing seem much less surreal, and a lot more realreal.

These are the standard letters sent out by Disney. They usually send them out with a sheet that has ticket ordering info on it, but we opted not to do that. It just felt a little tacky to us, and besides the savings were not all that significant.

I loved that they took care of this detail for us. I really did not care to make our own save the date's and send them out.

Here's a dirty little secret: no matter how cute and perfect your save the date is, I make note of the date in my calendar and throw it away, unless you sent me that magnet, which gets put on the fridge for a few months and then thrown away.

This letter though, I will keep in the forever pile.


Adam said...

Amen to not calling them STDs!

Anonymous said...

*sigh* all I ever wanted was to be married at Disneyland. With Goofy as the officiant. I'm serious.

ah well... maybe for our 10th anniversary or something like that!

Luis said...

I think it would be a little challenging with Goofy, seeming as they won't let him talk. Maybe someone could perform the ceremony and he could mime along . . .