Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Off Being Civically Responsible

The long arm of jury duty caught up with me this week, sorry for the lack of posts! But to tide you over, I will give you these pictures from this past Saturday's protest at Los Angeles City Hall. They are not very good, and they don't give a sense of how big the crowd was, but I was afraid to try and make my way out into the middle of the crowd! (I get a little claustrophobic in seas of people)

A big thanks to my sis for coming out to protest with me, and also for taking most of the pics!

Back with a vengeance after lady justice is satisfied.


christina said...

thanks for posting! i forgot my camera that day, can you believe it?? did you take these, i was standing under that very same tree...if you look close enough you can see me...(just kidding)...

Vanessa said...

I love seeing photos from the Prop 8 protests, and more than once I've found myself teary-eyed. Cheering on the cause all the way from Paris!

(Happened upon your place by way of the lovely Peonies and Polaroids! :-)