Thursday, November 6, 2008

It Didn't Change Anything

But it made me feel better to be sad and angry with lots of other sad and angry people.

I was hoping for a riot, but my friend said the best we could hope for was an impromptu fashion show.


N said...

Thanks for the fantastic photos! I love the guy in the third photo's sweater. Oh and the community and solidarity is pretty awesome too.

Luis said...

That's me in the sweater! (in case you weren't joking)

I bought that on Tuesday, I partook in some early retail therapy.

I am so gay. Whenever I feel really shitty, I try to make myself look as pretty as possible and stand proud.

christina said...

thanks for posting!! i'm so glad i went...i feel a bit better...really inspiring.

glad there were so many people there that i didn't see you! ha ha!!

christina said...

oh my goodness! you look fabulous in your sweater! i love it!!

N said...

I wasn't sure. You are too adorable! Looking good is an important part of the movement ;)

Journal of a ____ said...

Wonderful photos! Wish I could have been there. I miss my Los Angeles/West Hollywood community.