Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Protest Every Day Since Wednesday

I took Thursday off, and I forgot my camera on Friday. I think the pictures tell the story better than I could.


Anonymous said...

I'm so damn pissed.

Meg said...

Many of the signs amuse and delight me, but I think "CA WTF?" sums it up well.

Luis said...

missed one that said "LDS, IRS, WTF?" but I think my favorite of all is "Focus on Your Own Damn Family"

Anonymous said...

How hypocritical that you feel the need to "fight" what you consider "hate" with disrespect.


Bridechka said...

Anon: I do not believe that it is disrespectful to tell people to mind their own business and to keep their beliefs from oppressing an entire community of people. In fact, I believe that it is more than appropriate.

I would ask you to consider how "disrespectful" it is for people who support Prop 8 to consider themselves so "righteous" that they deserve to tell others what they can and cannot do in their personal lives, to tell them that their families and their feelings don't matter and will not be recognized. Now that is disrespectful.

Anonymous said...

I should clarify my point. (I'm not meaning to write anonymously to be hurtful, I just don't use my blogger account very frequently).

I apologize if my comment sounded snotty.

My point is that if the real message of these campaigns and protests against the results of prop 8 is to eliminate hate, I think the gay community should use a more respectful form of protest in order to be the better examples of showing love and respect for all people--if for nothing else but to be more effective.

Because really, I think it is common sense that when you go around carrying signs that on the one hand denounce hate, while simultaneously calling Mormons "Morons," there seems to be a contradiction.

I am neutral on the issue. I'm not a Californian, so I didn't vote on the measure. I feel for the cause of gays who want their relationships to be defined as the same way that the relationships between men and women have traditionally be defined, but I also think that the way gays and gay advocates have responded to religious groups, especially the LDS church, is abysmal.

What I think is really unfortunate is how this issue is creating such a gap between the gay community and religious groups. I don't think religious groups are purposely trying to make gays miserable. I think they are doing what they honestly feel is right--just as gays and supports of gay marriage are doing what they feel is right. Whether or not you agree with the constitutional implications of these opinions, if they violate rights or not, I think that a lot more sympathy and understanding is needed on both sides.

The thing is, clearly the majority of Californians at this point aren't in support of gay marriage. I think that if the gay community wants to convince people to their cause, singling out and bashing a religious group isn't the way to go. I think this just makes more people feel alienated to the cause of gay marriage and feel hesitant to support it.

Best of luck to all of you and to Luis in your wedding plans.


Luis said...

Ok, now that is dissent I can dig.

First of all, not my sign, but it comes from a place of a lot of anger, and while I agree some of it might be misdirected, most of it isn't.

I think the point of the signs in general seems to be we don't feel the need to go out and mess with the churches, yet they seem to make it their business to try and legislate morality.

I think it's ridiculous that the Mormons are feeling singled out. Here is this tiny little religion (in comparison to lots of the other major ones) yet their church and their parishioners contributed nearly 4 out of every $5 to this campaign targeting the rights and future of a specific group of people. Some sort of shoe being on the other foot comment seems fitting.

It doesn't really matter whether the majority of Californians are in favor of gay marriage, it's not the sort of thing that should be left to majority opinion. It doesn't change their marriages, they lose nothing because of it, they should not get to vote on it.

Not to mention the ads paid for to pass prop 8 were so misleading and filled with lies that a whole lot of people made their decisions based on those false assumptions. It's ludicrous to think a church would lose a lawsuit for refusing to marry gay people, when the Catholic church refuses to marry divorced people or non-catholics. It's been tried, it's not happening. The proponents knew this, and ultimately this is less about God and more about them trying to keep Gays in their place.

Are we pissed? You bet. Is it difficult to be objective with something so personal? Definitely.