Friday, September 25, 2009

Wedding Recaps Part V: The Reception Ends

Well, This is it folks! All good things must come to an end, and the same must be said for wedding pictures.

I love our wedding pictures. I love to look at them, see our friends and family, look for details I had not noticed before.

I hope you've enjoyed the ride. There's still more of the occasional wedding goodness coming your way, and maybe I'll start writing about married life.

So enough of that, we want pictures!

Married for a few hours and already I was pointing a knife at him.

The fight to get to see who gets the rest of that first piece of cake.

Mickey and Minnie came to our cake cutting. It was a total surprise for our guests, the whole room of adults turned into 5-year-olds.

Minnie tried to kiss me or eat my head, I can't decide which.

We got do dance with Mickey and Minnie. This is Mickey showing Michael my wedding ring to win his woman back.

This was quite possible the happiest day of my niece's life to date. She loves Mickey.

Who am I kidding, so do I!

And apparently so does everyone else.

I love these pictures.

My husband holding one of the pages people made for our album using the photobooth.

A conga line broke out, and I didn't start it, I just got pushed to the front.

And we even line danced. All the things people pretend to hate about weddings are the things they love. I should have asked for the chicken dance.

Adorable closing shot of my niece.


Sweet T said...

I'm just now reading all your wedding posts after being away for a while. Stunning- you all look so happy and everything was beautifully executed and arranged. Congratulations again to you both!

Wifey Wiferson said...

Congratulation! And that cake looks amazing.

Gay Weddings said...

OMG, the cake is fabulous. It looks like one from Food Network Challenge! Congrats on getting married, the picture with the knife is classic!

Suzanne said...

what a fun time! That's so cool to have Mickey and Minnie there!