Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Wedding Recaps Part II: The Ceremony

Now we can move on to the wedding ceremony! It was a beautiful ceremony, on a beautiful warm Spring day, with all my beautiful friends and family. So I guess if I had to summarize the ceremony, I'd have to call it beautiful.

The beautiful photos are still from the very talented Danielle at SkyeBlu Photo.

We spent the week before the wedding doing a few last minute projects. Finishing up the program fans was high on my list, since I wanted our guest to have someway to cool off a little. Fortuantely the morning was overcast, so the sun had only been out a little while when the ceremony started at 11:30.

Mike really wanted a piano at the ceremony. It was a great addition.

My adorable niece.

This is my buddy who came in all the way from the Caribbean for the wedding. Well, she went to another wedding the day before ours, but I don't think that one counts.

Mike has four brothers, this is #3.

My best friend.

Mike's bro #4.

I've got one sister, she's #1.

Mike's best friend served as Best Man and oversized ringbearer.

Just about ready to go down the aisle.

And we're off. See the tears forming already?

Made it to the front after what seemed like a very long walk.

I love this shot of the girls lined up.

Where did our heads go?

Do I have to put a caption under every one of these?

The view from behind.

There were a few laughs, always a good sign in a wedding I think.

The ring shot.

We presented our mothers with roses during the ceremony to thank them for all the love and support they have given us throughout the years. They totally weren't expecting it.

"Did I ever tell you you're My Hero" is playing on the piano during the rose ceremony. Many tears are shed by those in attendance.

We passed our rings around and had a ring warming ceremony. We asked our friends and family to bless them with their good thoughts and well wishes.

We don't really know this many people. We hired a few extras to sit in at the ceremony.

My favorite shot of "the kiss."

These two have been married for 25 years. One of her kidneys now lives in her husband. After all this time they are still goofy and cute and lovey sometimes. Sometimes not so much. I hope to be that lucky, that's why we asked them to do the closing reading.

The piano starts playing "When I'm 64" by the Beatles and we make our way out.


Carly said...

You guys are so cute! I'm totally teary eyed...

Journal of a ____ said...

Lovely! Everything about your wedding screams FUN, LOVE and FOREVER! Congrats.

Nicole said...

So beautiful!

I love that you had a ring warming. We're having one in our wedding, but really haven't seen them done before.

Hope said...

Beautiful, is right! I'm teary too and I'm so glad that you're posting your recaps as we'll also be in your shoes next summer. I love the ring warming ceremony. I read about that earlier but never "saw" anyone do it for real. I hope you post your actual ceremony text because I'd love to read it. Many blessings for a wonderful and lasting marriage!

Meg said...

Oh dear god. As if I wasn't already all weepy? The Kidney thing? Ahhhhhggggg.

12 hour pills said...

:D I'm so happy for you guys! And what great pictures you have.

Theresa said...

Looking at Disney Weddings for my son and his beautiful Fiance and just fell in love with your pictures. Congratulations and thanks for all the inspiration - LOVE your bright colors and the mom rose ceremony.
Wishing you a long happy life together! Peace!

Anonymous said...

i dont know you. stumbled on this site by accident. but you 2 are so cute!!! i hope you live happily ever after ;)

kisses Anne from Holland