Saturday, July 26, 2008

Why Have a Theme Wedding?

The idea to have a theme wedding came when we chose our cake. From the start we knew our wedding would not be a traditional affair (we are after all two men getting married, it doesn't get too much more non-traditional than that). A white wedding cake with pastel roses was not for us. When I saw this cake I knew it was what I wanted.

The final colors will be different, but there will be a whole conversation dedicated to that in the future. Having a cake like this sets a different tone for the entire celebration, and in some way your celebration has to reflect that. By setting a theme to work around you give yourself a starting point to work with. It actually made the entire process much easier, since there was now an entire segment of invitations, flowers, decorations, and just general wedding things we knew we would not even have to look at because they did not fit in with the theme.

The most important thing when dealing with a theme is finding the balance between tying elements of a celebration together, and taking the entire thing too far. Someone suggested we could dress up like the Mad Hatter for the wedding, that's too far.

We are incorporating our theme into everything from the invitations to the floral, but still keeping it all in the realm of good taste (I hope). Here is the invitation we are having printed, we will be building our own pocket invitations, more on that in a future post as well.

And these are some of the ideas we are thinking of using for floral and decoration. The only difference will be all our floral and decorations will have more color.

Having a theme will allow us to provide the whimsical and entertaining experience we want for our guests and ourselves. We are after all getting married at the happiest place on earth, and can take some liberties because of it.

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