Monday, July 28, 2008

Same Sex Wedding Expo

On Wednesday of last week Michael and I had the good fortune of attending a same-sex wedding expo at the japanese garden on the grounds of California State University in Long Beach.

We had such a great time tasting wedding cake and appetizers, and just enjoying the beautiful setting. If you need a gorgeous outdoor location to have a wedding or any other event and are in the area definitely consider the garden.

It was great being able to meet vendors without all the hassle of large bridal shows. The turn-out was decent, but not overly crowded, so that really allowed some time to really talk to some of the vendors. We have already decided on lots of things, but tuxedo rental and floral are still up in the air, so it was very handy to have lots of people there we could talk to at once.

I am really excite about using Allen's Tuxedos in Anaheim. Their selection seems to be really good and the woman we met at the expo is the sort of person that seems to really know her business. Also, she seems to be the kind of woman that always says what's on her mind, and people like that have a way of getting on my good side.

We are still exploring on the floral front. I saw one florist whose work really impressed me, however I was unimpressed with his customer service skills. I'm not only buying goods and services from these people, these are people that I am going to have to work with. I feel the same way about vendors I hire at work, I need to know you can do your job, but I also need to know we can communicate.

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