Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sometimes . . .

Sometimes wedding planning can be stressful.

and sometimes we can fixate on finding the perfect first dance song.

and sometimes when we get stressed we get hypersensitive.

and sometimes a comment is taken out of context and our feelings get hurt.

and sometimes we mope around for the entire next day even though we should know better.

and sometimes your husband-to-be sends you flowers to cheer you up and say he's sorry.

and sometimes those flowers show up a day late which sort of defeated the purpose of cheering you up because you felt better already.

but then you remember why you wanted to marry this guy in the first place.

because he's the type of guy that sends you flowers 12 days before your wedding to cheer you up and say he's sorry even though there was plenty of blame to go around and the whole thing wasn't that big a deal anyway.

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