Friday, May 1, 2009

Gifts For Our Peeps

I had a really hard time thinking of things to give the women that were going to be standing up with us. I wanted it to be something meaningful, but not super-expensive.

The idea came to me at Michael's, I would make them all scrapbooks so that all they have to do is print up their favorite pictures of the day in 4x6, stick them on, done. Now before you go thinking this was a whole lot of work, I cheated a little and bought semi-premade kits. I still had to assemble them, but it only took me a few hours for each of them.

I still put in a bit of work into each one though, and added a lot of touches and embellishments I made myself. Ultimately I think they should really like them, and they will have a semi-handmade gift that will hopefully be meaningful.

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Ashley said...

it's sooo funny that i found this cause i bought that exact scrapbook this past weekend and made it for a bday gift for my bestie! :-)