Tuesday, January 20, 2009

How Much Would This Set Me Back?

Not only monetarily, but in the eyes of my guests.

I joke. I would love to hire me some strolling Drag Queen serving tables from Screaming Queens Entertainment for the wedding, but I'm sure they are pricey.

I didn't even bother to ask, I don't need to add on any more expenses to the party at this point.

Exciting news however, honeymoon plans are soon to be finalized! As soon as they are I will post about our two part honeymoon.


RPMdfw said...

Hey! That looks familiar!

kelly said...

In funny news I'm related to the guy that runs screaming queens which is how I got two awesome drag queens for my bachelorette party!

Victory Bird said...

So, I went to a super random gala in Miami once which featured these lovely ladies/tables. It was incredible!!

love said...

that is so awesome!